The Auction business runs in my family. My grandfather started the original Portland Auto Auction back in 1957 and brought my father into the world of Auctions in Portland, Oregon when he was a young man. After college, when I became involved in the family business, my father had me attend the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering which I graduated from in 1985. For the next 25 years, I traveled the country working as a Professional Auctioneer for organizations of all sorts, sizes, and industries. I’ve led thousands of fundraising Auctions, and currently Auctioneer every week at all 3 of the major wholesale Automobile Auctions in Portland, Oregon.

Running a successful auction isn’t about the dollars and cents, it’s about the organization.

During my career as an Auctioneer, I’ve come to realize that running a successful fundraising Auction isn’t just about the dollars raised, it’s really about the organization you're raising dollars for. I’m constantly amazed at the generosity people are capable of when they truly connect with and totally understand what an organization is all about. Whether it's a school, charity, nonprofit, or business looking to help improve the community, every group has an important story to tell. My job is to help convey that story in a way that allows those attending the Auction to feel connected to the cause or mission so that they become invested in wanting that fundraising Auction to succeed. With my years of experience and total commitment to helping my clients succeed, I’m the right choice when searching for a Portland based professional Auctioneer. Contact Sheik Auctions today!